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Commons Information Tool: Purpose and Process

Added by Chris Stein over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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This ticket is to discuss the purpose of the Commons Information too part of the Personal Homepage and the process we will use for adding and updating the information.

The current mockup can be seen here on the right of the page:

Some things to keep in mind
  • This widget will only be visible to logged-in users.
  • It will be made through a custom post type
The general purpose is to present information to logged in users.
  • Should this mirror or track the hero slider on the non-logged-in homepage?
  • What kinds of information will we show?
  • Who will enter information?
  • How often will information be updated?
  • Will we create a process for any member to submit information to be shown?
  • The current design has an image above text. Do we want any other information like a title?
  • The image size is relatively small above the text. Is this OK? Other options include no image, larger image, making the image a background to the text.
  • Do we want to limit the number of words/characters that will appear?

The ticket for the functional development is here: #3330

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Related to CUNY Academic Commons - Feature #3330: "Commons Information" toolAssignedChris Stein2014-07-16

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Updated by Chris Stein over 8 years ago

I realize there are a lot of questions. Feel free to answer as many or few as you like. I wanted to give people a chance for input.

Matt suggested making a list of possible types of posts. Here's a start:

  • Copy of Hero Slider information
  • Commons News (like new versions or when we will be down)
  • Links to information about using the Commons (Help posts etc)
  • Upcoming CUNY Events
  • Pieces of interest (like new JiTP publication or launch of new group or blog)
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Updated by Boone Gorges over 8 years ago

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Hi everyone - Dan has done a lot of fine work on implementing a first pass at this feature, and it's ready for a first round of design/UX feedback. Check it out on cdev, where you'll see a new "Commons Information" widget on the right. Note that this is not the permanent position - it's just for demonstration purposes.

The interface for entering new items can be found at Dashboard > Commons Information. I think it's pretty similar to hero slides - just be sure to set your image as the Featured Image.

Chris, could you have an initial look and try to connect the dots with what you've laid out above? I want to get to a point where, from the dev point of view, we've got a viable product for 1.7.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

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I think we should mark this as resolved and stage discussions about the way we use the info box during community calls and in-person check-ins. There are some good questions in this ticket, but I think we can figure some of this stuff out as we move forward. So, let's call this resolved for now but Chris, let's flag some of these items for future discussions.


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