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copying two commons groups

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Professor Wendy Luttrell writes:
I have two commons groups that I would like update for my courses this semester. The first is
and the second is

I was hoping to have it all copied so that I could go through and delete the student work and add some new readings. Also, Roger Hart and I are teaching identical sections of the course (critical childhood and youth studies), so I would want to also have a duplicate group that Roger is the administrator for.

Please advise. Thanks

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n.b. my guess is that I don't think she wants the members copied, just the materials. Marilyn, can you please confirm? Thanks.

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I'm afraid we don't currently have the ability to do any sort of automatic copying of group materials.

I built a similar tool for OpenLab at City Tech, but it would need a good deal of customization to work on the Commons, especially given that the requirements for copying a group on the Commons are probably more varied than the relatively narrow requirements on the OL. If this is something we think would be more generally useful, we should put it on our development roadmap.

Unfortunately, for our team to build even a stopgap solution for automated migration would likely take several times longer than manual recreation. For that reason, I'm afraid my recommendation is to recreate the groups manually.

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test to myself since I never got an email after Boone's reply

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Hi Marilyn - Circling around to this. Did you manage to get in touch with the user?

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This can be closed.

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Thanks, Marilyn.


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