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Notifications of New Post Didn't Come

Added by Luke Waltzer over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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An editor on the TLC site just posted this post -- -- and no email notification came through the affiliated BP Group (she is also a member of the group), and no activity item appeared. When I (as admin) unpublished and then republished her post, the notification came and the activity was logged.

Doesn't seem like this is expected behavior, unless I'm missing something, so wanted to report.

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Thanks for reporting, Luke

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Ray, can you have a think about this? Notifications are powered by activity, so the fact that no activity item was created is the underlying problem. I don't think that the Editor/Administrator distinction would make a difference. Could there be something funky with blog_public?

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It looks like the Group Site settings disallows posting by group members, which is why only Luke could get the activity item to publish since he is the TLC site admin.

Luke - If you enable "Member Posting" for the group, then other group members should be able to publish blog posts. Try this link:

And enable the "Member Posting" setting. Then, get your group member to try publishing a new blog post and see if that triggers an activity item and email notification in the group.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

Thanks, Ray. Adding Sam as a watcher as I think there is a UX issue here -- I don't think people would connect the dots on their own about this one; we should provide some guidance, perhaps when one connects a blog to a group (at group creation and/or afterwards). Sam, can you please start a new ticket if you agree?

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Updated by Luke Waltzer over 8 years ago

Thanks, Ray! I clearly missed that one-

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