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Differing numbers on Sites display

Added by Matt Gold over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Hi Boone,

I'm trying to produce a grant report and get a sense of some CAC numbers. When I click on "Sites" in the nav bar, I see two different numbers 1575 in the "All Sites" tab and 2263 in the Viewing x of x info line.

Which is correct, and is this evidence of a bug of some kind? Or does it just reflect something like private/hidden sites that I can see as a super-admin?

Marking this as high priority only because I'm trying to get the report in and would appreciate a quick answer if at all possible.


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Updated by Boone Gorges over 7 years ago

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Yes, it does appear to be a bug. And yes, it does appear to be connected to your super admin status - the numbers do not match when logged out either, though they're much closer.

For the purposes of preparing a report, the number of non-archived, non-deleted sites on the Commons is 2526. 1673 of those are public.

I'll keep this ticket open to pin down the count differences. They appear to be BP bugs:
1. All counts on a page should be relative to the permissions of the logged-in user
2. There seems to be a bug in the way we join against the blogmeta table when querying for blogs, such that blogs without a 'description' or 'name' in blogmeta are not tracked. Maybe we should fetch this data separately, when not using it for querying (search, alphabetical). Or maybe do a join type that doesn't require it.

Assigning to Ray, because he's recently thought about BP's blog tracking setup routine. Ray, feel free to pass it back if you can't get to this or if you think it's more in my court.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 7 years ago

Thanks so much for the quick response, Boone -- I appreciate it.

FYI, I see differing counts for Groups, as well (718 vs. 972); is that a bug as well?

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 7 years ago

It's a bug in that we should try to show the same counts at all times. 718 is the public-private count, 972 includes hidden groups. So this corresponds to 1 above. There is no bug like 2 in the case of groups.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 7 years ago

Thanks so much, Boone.


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