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BP support in YOURLS WP plugin

Added by Boone Gorges about 13 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

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I've already talked to the author of YOURLS and the corresponding WP plugin for YOURLS, and he's added me as a committer to the project: I'm going to integrate support over the next week or so.

Off the top of my head, here's what I'm going to shoot for in the first revision:
1) Automatically generate short URLs for profile pages. They will be "pretty", ie generated based on the user's name. Eg
2) Display profile short URLs somewhere in the profile header
3) Have an interface where members can customize their profile's short URL, if they want

That's for the first round. Future features will include pretty URLs for groups, random URLs for forum topics, tweetable links for activity items, etc. But those will come in subsequent revisions, and will get separate tickets. For the moment, feel free to use this space to brainstorm how shorturl integration should look, either in the first revision or in subsequent revisions.

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Updated by Chris Stein about 13 years ago

Boone, this is great and I think you're right on target.
For now a quick comment I have is that for number 3 we may have to explain to people that while they can change their short URL they can't change their username. If that gets too complicated then maybe you can wait to implement that feature until later or people request it

I also think the future ideas of allowing short URLs for groups is cool. For the forum topics I think it makes sense to have it random but maybe put the group in there too like:
or for a personal activity item similar
could be used for other things

It's not likely but I suppose we should either do a quick check to make sure that there are no groups and people with the same name or have some kind of convention like (although this kind of feels like it ruins the shortening a bit so maybe just remove the groups. But that means we have to check all group names and possible other things like projects, against each other so they are all unique)

The other issue with groups is that they often have long names. So it that makes me wonder whether we should encourage or force people to make their short name different than their group name (for example on of my groups would be , not very short)

Since we're brainstorming I'll just throw this out there although I'm not sure it's desirable; many of the groups are working groups formed by admins on the various campuses. Should we encourage (suggestions not rules) certain naming conventions like

We should probably think through some shortening tips based on the rules we make and add that as part of the help/documentation

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 13 years ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Resolved

Thanks for your thoughts, Chris.

I see two problems with your suggestion about how we set up the URLs (ie the suggestion that they contain another layer of data, like '/groups/' or '/cstein/'):
1) The software doesn't allow it. At least not out of the box.
2) It sort of defeats the purpose of a short URL. If you start putting a bunch of stuff like '/groups/' in there, you (arguably) may as well just put the whole URL. It's not as if our long URLs, eg are that ugly.

In any case, I have finished the first round of this implementation in 8f94c93 (can't link because Github appears to be down at the moment). Groups and members will automatically receive URLs of the form or There is also a way to edit these URLs. Members will see a "Short URL" tab underneath their Settings section, and the Group URLs are editable by the group admin at Admin > Group Settings. There are some basic protections built in to make sure that I don't snag someone else's URL.

I'm going to mark the ticket as resolved, but I do encourage everyone to continue the conversation here. We should open new tickets for further enhancement requests.

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Updated by Matt Gold about 13 years ago

Just wanted to say that it's very cool that you're now a committer on t this project.


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