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Already existing site not appearing to link (couple) in Group area

Added by Laurie Hurson over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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A commons user is trying to link already existing site to a group (links below). However, when in the group area and attempting to link the site to the group, the site does not appear in list of options (screenshot attached).

The group is private but the site is listed as public.



Screenshot 2018-01-29 15.24.27.png (96 KB) Screenshot 2018-01-29 15.24.27.png Laurie Hurson, 2018-01-29 03:31 PM


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Hi Laurie - The site is already linked to a group Currently, sites cannot be linked to more than one group. In order to associate the site with the 'blackness-and-inscription' group, it'll have to first be "uncoupled" from the 'inscription' group. The admin can do this at

#2 Updated by Laurie Hurson over 4 years ago

Hm, thanks for this Boone.

I am aware that sites can only be linked to one group and the faculty member swore it wasn't linked to any group already. I'll circle back and sort it out....

thank you!

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Hi Laurie -- I'm closing this ticket, but please re-open if you have anything further to report.

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