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Overly aggressive spam filters

Added by Gina Cherry about 1 month ago. Updated 7 days ago.

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In Bug #11160, I described two issues with blog comments: duplicate email notifications and all comments going to spam. The duplicate email notification issue has been resolved, but the overly aggressive spam filter has not. Can you please look into this? The problem with everything going to spam is that site administrators do not receive a notification when comments are made, so I need to keep monitoring the site for spammed comments that need unspamming.

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I'm just going to copy some comments from #11160 that is related to this issue.

Gina said:

This has happened with the last several blog comments. Here is the most recent example:

All of the blog comments from the last few months have been flagged as spam, which I need to release and then approve since comments on this blog are moderated. It would be great if we could also figure out why this is happening. Since I don’t receive email notifications about spam, it means I have to remember to check for comments every day.

Boone said:

Regarding email notifications about spam, the site appears to be configured to send an email to whenever a comment is sent to spam. Are you checking the proper inbox? Perhaps those notifications are being sent to spam for some reason?

Gina said:

Thanks, Boone. I'm fairly sure that the spam comment notifications are not being sent to email spam. I have not seen these notifications in the email spam for either the CETLS account or my personal account. There have been blog comments in the past that were not sent to spam. In those cases, I received notifications at both the CETLS email and my personal email.

So what needs to be tested is:

1. If a comment is spam and the site admin is set to receive email notifications, ensure that the email is sent. It should be noted that it's the site admin listed under "Settings > General" that will get the notification and not all users with the administrator role.
2. Find out why a lot of blog comments are being marked as spam.

Point 1 would be easy to test. The second is harder because we use the Akismet plugin to automatically mark comments as spam.

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