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two reports of Profile problems

Added by Marilyn Weber over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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1) "I logged into the CUNY Academic Commons today and my profile seems to have been completely erased. I am sure that I did not delete it. Can you retrieve my profile?"

2)"When I try to make changes to my profile, they do not save. I click "ok" and then "save changes" but they immediately disappear, as though I had not typed anything. Any idea why this might be happening?

Submitted from:"

"I am typing (not pasting) into the "Reviews" field, a field which I added.

In order to test things, I just tried typing into the "Publications" field, which comes with the profile. The changes do save, in that field."

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I've created #12166 to track the second issue.

The first issue is likely due to a bug I uncovered in the course of #12156 yesterday. I am in touch with IT to access backup, and once I have access, I will restore missing data.

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Data for sabinapringle has been restored. Can you please follow up with the user?

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Updated by Marilyn Weber over 4 years ago

Sabina Pringle
Today ‪10:34 am‬

Hello Marylin!

I redid it this morning. It took me all of fifteen minutes. :) So no need to try to retrieve. I'm all good.

Sorry to hear about the bug! Godspeed in annihilating it.

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Thanks, Marilyn.


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