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Avoiding really long blog names

Added by Matt Gold about 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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When people set up groups and then check "yes, I want a blog," I think that the system automatically places their group name in the subdomain of the URL. Even though users have a chance to alter that name, users who aren't particularly tech-savvy may end up with blog names like this: . I think that we should try to help users avoid this, if possible, especially because, as I remember from a previous issue, there can be difficulties in getting the group-blog connection to work if a blog is associated with a group at group creation and later disassociated with it.

So, here's one fix I'm thinking of: what if there was a "are you sure?" + some kind of warning confirmation box that popped up when a blog's URL contained over 15 characters? Would that help solve the problem? I'm fairly sure that the owners of the above URL are going to want something different sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, maybe it's not worth wasting resources on this. Certainly, users can fix the issue for themselves if they so choose. But I bring it up because I've seen it happen a few times.


#1 Updated by Boone Gorges about 10 years ago

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This is a reasonable request. I'll just write some javascript that shows a note after they've exceeded 15 characters.

#2 Updated by Chris Stein about 10 years ago

Yes, sounds reasonable to me too. Boone, let me know if you want input on wording or anything.

#3 Updated by Michael Smith about 10 years ago

Would it make sense to discontinue the automatically placing of a group name in the URL? Would uses be too confused about creating their own URL? I'm also thinking about this in the context of which will give users the option of creating a short URL, which could default from the same user created name.

#4 Updated by Matt Gold about 10 years ago

that makes sense to me, Michael -- just leave it as a blank field and have members fill it in.

#5 Updated by Matt Gold about 10 years ago

Just wanted to note that this came up again today, when a new site was registered with the URL

#6 Updated by Boone Gorges almost 10 years ago

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Dom, can I ask you to take a look at this? The plugin in question is wp-content/plugins/bp-groupblog. I'm a maintainer for that plugin, so if you need to make modifications to the plugin itself (such as a missing filter or hook), let me know. It would be nice to do this as much as possible as a local mod of our own (or /wp-content/themes/bp-nelo/functions.php or /wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php).

Since we're not actually going to prevent people from long blog names - just suggest that they don't do it - you don't really need to do any server-side processing. This could all be done with javascript, at the theme level. However, you could consider doing some AJAX processing to do all levels of blogname screening at the same time. (See, and enter a non-CUNY email address - when you tab away, a bunch of verification happens. Could do something similar: check length, whether it's already taken, whether it's long enough, whatever checks BP/WP does natively.)

Anyway, I'll leave it to your judgment.

#7 Updated by Dominic Giglio almost 10 years ago

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#8 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 9 years ago


I've pushed up a little javascript in a new branch that addresses this issue:

Have a look and let me know what you think. I haven't added any ajax verification, I figured since it's been 7 months since this issue was opened and 4 months since it was assigned to me I'd check back with you first and see if it's even a feature you'd still like me to work on.

If you'd like a little ajax verification added in just let me know. I'm looking into #1249 right now.

(I realize I forgot to list the issue number in the commit. I need to get back into that habit, I haven't needed to while working in featured-content)

#9 Updated by Boone Gorges over 9 years ago

This looks good, Dom. I don't think we need any AJAX processing at the moment.

I would like to suggest a little more helpful wording. Maybe something like:
"This blog name is over 15 characters. For a URL that is more memorable and easier to type, consider something a bit shorter."

I've put the change into the master branch. Matt, can you check it out when you get a chance?

#10 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 9 years ago

I like your warning much better. I've updated it in the long-blog-names branch and pushed it up.

As soon as this issue is closed I will remove this topic branch from the repo.

#11 Updated by Matt Gold over 9 years ago

Functionality is great, though I, too, like Boone's warning. Nice work.

#12 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 9 years ago

Can we close this issue out, or are there additional features I need to be working on?

#14 Updated by Matt Gold over 9 years ago

Nice work, Dom. Thanks.

#15 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 9 years ago


This topic branch is still in the repo, would you like me to remove it?

#16 Updated by Boone Gorges over 9 years ago

This topic branch is still in the repo, would you like me to remove it?

Yes, that'd be fine. Thanks.

#17 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 9 years ago


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