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Rejected reply-by-mail message

Added by Matt Gold 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Hi Ray,

I just tried forwarding something to two groups and had the posting rejected, saying I don't have the ability to post to those groups. I am a member of them through my Redmine Administrator account and post often via email to them. I've attached the error message here. Thanks in advance for looking into this


#1 Updated by Raymond Hoh 4 months ago

Hi Matt,

Is this referring to your /members/admin user account? If so, I just checked your WordPress role for that account and it has the author role. I think this is correct as this was part of the changes to downgrade certain user accounts in #12103.

However, I do not believe you have experienced this "publish topics" problem until now. Is that correct? I do see in your activity that you have posted new topics by email as recently as a week ago. Not sure if this is related to #15209.

Regardless, I've added a potential fix in bp-reply-by-email here that doesn't use the bbPress participate capability to grant posting permissions. I'm testing with the more universal exist WordPress capability.

Matt, can you try posting a new topic by email to see if it is working or not?

#2 Updated by Matt Gold 4 months ago

Hi Ray. Sorry for the confusion, but this was an attempt to post to a forum group

#4 Updated by Raymond Hoh 4 months ago

The fix was in place when you posted that topic :)

So we should be good to go! I'll commit the fix in a bit.

#5 Updated by Matt Gold 4 months ago

awesome -- thanks!

#6 Updated by Raymond Hoh 4 months ago

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