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Improve pagination for group forums

Added by Boone Gorges 4 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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From #15646:

4. Search pagination: when one is browsing through a forum, particularly one with a lot of pages of posts, the pagination is a bit wonky. When one is on, say, the 7th page of results of a forum with 129 pages of posts, the choices for moving forward are: 1 2 3 …6 7 8 …127 128 129. I think we should show at least two or three pages forward from where one is to help people move forward more quickly. Or, perhaps, we could add a box where people could skip ahead to a particular page of results.

I think that we can tweak, so that maybe we show "1 2 ... 5 6 7 8 9 ... 128 129".

Adding a box for people to skip to a certain page of results is possible, but harder. This seems like a case where (a) the majority of groups won't have that many pages where this change will make a huge difference, and (b) jumping around pagination (as opposed to going one or two pages at a time) is not likely to be a great way to find something in a group, and (c) modern apps, for better or for worse, seem to have mostly abandoned the idea of pagination as a navigational concept. Seems better to ensure that search works well; see #15648. For these reasons I'd recommend not pouring lots of dev resources into overhauling the pagination interface.

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#1 Updated by Boone Gorges 4 months ago

#2 Updated by Matt Gold 4 months ago

Okay -- that is fair, as long as we can get the search working well

#3 Updated by Raymond Hoh 3 months ago

I've filtered the search pagination parameters so it resembles the format of "1 2 ... 5 6 7 8 9 ... 128 129" in

Did we want to do the same thing for topic and reply pagination as well? I'm assuming we do, but just wanted confirmation.

#4 Updated by Colin McDonald 3 months ago

That sounds good to me, Ray. Matt, what do you think?

#5 Updated by Colin McDonald 3 months ago

I think the solution here is in good shape, but Matt since you raised it initially do you want to give a final look before we move ahead? Thanks!

#6 Updated by Raymond Hoh 3 months ago

  • Status changed from Reporter Feedback to Staged for Production Release

I've updated the code so our custom pagination range applies to topic and reply pagination as well. See

This is available for testing on cdev.

#7 Updated by Boone Gorges about 1 month ago

  • Status changed from Staged for Production Release to Resolved

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