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Using Tag Groups plugin to create tag group lists in pages and posts

Added by Laurie Hurson 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Hi All,

I am using the "Tag Groups" plugin on this site:

A few weeks ago Ray helped me with the front page boxed tag display, which is looking good, but I am hoping to refine the tag lists using the plugin on this front page, and within each post.

First question:

The Tag Groups plugin allows the admin to create groups of tags; in the case of this site I have grouped tags as either "type" or "feature" of an assignment. You can see these groupings in the dashboard in tags and tag group admin.

On the front page right now you are seeing how the tag groups shortcode displays "tag list" under "type" and all tags as a boxed tag cloud under feature. Ideally, I would like the tags in the "type" group to display under the "type of assignment" heading in the same boxed format that ray designed (same as category display)and the feature tags to display under the "assignment feature" heading.

Second question:

Within each post, I would like to use shortcode to auto-populate the "type" tags in the type column and the "feature" tags in the feature column. Ideally the shortcode displayed tags lists would be live links, so a user could see that the assignment feature "student choice" and click "student choice" to see other, similarly tagged assignments. These lists do not need to be boxed (as they would be on front page) a simple list would make sense here.
Sample post:

Does this make sense? Thanks for your help with this. I have poked around and tried various short code but could not get the tag groups to display correctly.


tag groups list.mp4 (15.1 MB) tag groups list.mp4 Laurie Hurson, 2023-04-26 03:13 PM
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Updated by Raymond Hoh 7 months ago

Hi Laurie,

I've read through your post and I attempted to implement what you mentioned in both your questions. Let me know if I got it right or not!

I utilized the "Tag List" block to accomplish what you wanted. For the first question, this required using the Advanced Styling options of the block to emulate the tag cloud.

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Updated by Laurie Hurson 7 months ago

Hi Ray,

Thanks so much for your help with this.

The only thing I notice is in the single assignment page (linked example below), the type and feature lists are working but the lists show all type or feature tags, not just the tags that correspond to the particular post. Maybe there is a way to change the settings in groups to make just the tags on the post show in the correct group list? I toggled with the settings, see video but when i select "only this post" it creates tag lists for both groups.

Apologies for these non-technical issues and questions, if there is a solution in the settings that I can toggle feel free to let me know.

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Updated by Raymond Hoh 7 months ago

not just the tags that correspond to the particular post

Gotcha! I think I have it working now. Had to take a look at the Tag List block's documentation to figure out which configuration values to use: . "Use groups of the following post" had to be set to "Off" in order to make it work correctly.

Can you take a look at the Documentary Analysis post to see if it looks right now?


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