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Added by Matt Gold 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Hi Scott -- thanks so much for all of the work you did to help us transition to a new help system. I know I'm being super picky here, but how big of a deal would it be for us to create a new gmail address that is as opposed to ?

Actions #1

Updated by scott voth 3 months ago

Colin just set up the one we are using now. Since it's probably fresh in his mind, he would be the one to set up the incoming IMAP Oauth, which is pretty tricky. That is the hardest part. Then Ray would need to run the updates on the database (he probably still has the scripts). I think we should see what Colin thinks.

Actions #2

Updated by Raymond Hoh 3 months ago

Colin will not be around for the next week or so. I think we can wait on setting up a new email address.

I just did some checking and is not available, but is. I believe we also have access to the account as well, but I'm not sure if we want to repurpose this email address for the help desk.

Actions #3

Updated by Colin McDonald 3 months ago

I'd be interested to talk this through more once I'm back, if that's ok. It did take some doing to get everything moved to the current Gmail address (domain verification, OAuth as Scott mentioned, etc) and working well. It would be non-trivial to do this again, especially now that we're live with the transition. I tried to get takes on what the new email account should be around here, though I know it was a busy ticket:

Actions #4

Updated by Matt Gold 3 months ago

Colin -- we talked about this today and decided it probably wasn't worth changing anything. But don't worry -- we won't make any decisions on it until you are back


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