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Group members not automatically added as Blog users

Added by Chris Stein almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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BuddyPress (misc)
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I was under the impression that when you associate a blog with a group and check “Enable Member posting” that members of the group could post to the blog and would automatically be added as users on the blog.

However that has not been my experience. When I attached a blog to a hidden group and checked those things, no one on the group could get access to the blog. I had to go into the blog itself and add people as members.

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 12 years ago

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  • Target version set to 1.3.16

Thanks for the report, Chris. We have dealt with BP Groupblog and user syncing in the past. See #1932, #1745, #183, #234, and others.

I managed to reproduce Chris's problem locally, and it led me to a bug that may be at the root of all of the issues listed above. See

I'm going to put this into the 1.3.16 release, and I'll have you test it again, Chris. Thanks.

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 12 years ago

Chris, the 1.3.16 release is live. Can you give this functionality a test when you get a chance? Thanks.

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Updated by Chris Stein almost 12 years ago

Hi Boone,
The following both worked:
Uncoupled a blogs from a group.
Added a new member.
Recoupled a blog.
The new member (and existing) had access to the blog.

modified the default settings for the already coupled blog in an existing group
the member who was previously not on the blog is now on the blog and the new default settings carried over

So it looks good to me. Thanks Boone.

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 12 years ago

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Excellent, thanks, Chris!


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