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Group Keywords, Taxonomies, and Suggestion Systems

Added by Matt Gold almost 14 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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How do people find groups? I guess they can do searches, but it would also be cool if we could get group admins to assign keywords to groups, which we could then use to create a group taxonomy. That would allow us to then play with that taxonomy in different ways . . . for instance, we could have a suggestion system (if you're a member of group A, maybe you'd like to be a member of group B -- though I suppose we could also do that by analyzing friends (what groups are your friends members of) or group members (what other other groups are members of this group in?). At any rate, it might not be a bad idea for us to start to ask groups not just to provide prose descriptions, but also tags/keywords.

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 14 years ago

Nice idea. It'd be pretty easy to do this, and actually I think there's already a plugin out there that does it, but I want to think carefully about how it's done before actually putting it in place. Ideally, all tags from different kinds of objects would be shared, so that browsing by tag 'philosophy' will bring up members and groups and blogs (and ultimately wiki pages) that are tagged 'philosophy' as well.

I'll mull this over and maybe have a look at it next month.

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Updated by Chris Stein almost 14 years ago

I think this is a good idea too. I was thinking about this and had some similar ideas. One thing that would be more work but kind of cool would be to have some kind of system that could extract keywords out of blog posts and forum posts and things and then kind of create these taxonomies on the fly. It could also then do things like say based on your profile and blog posts here are some recommended groups.

Some of the kinds of things to think about along these lines:
Allow people to ask questions like, what person/group knows about podcasting?
Is there a group that talks about English Romantic poets?
Recommend stuff like if you like this group then you might also like this other group.
Watch for forum/blog posts on one of the topics I'm interested in.

This kind of stuff may also be something that could be piggybacked off of the enhanced search engine that CastIron was going to do.

Some of this stuff is not as important now but as the commons gets larger it will be.

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Closing this in favor of #1544, which has more traction.


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