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User Experience - Changing Avatar

Added by scott voth about 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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I got a support question via email a couple days from a member who was confused about how to change her avatar. She was clicking on the "Change Avatar" hyperlink under her existing avatar, but reported that nothing was happening. I checked, and noticed that it is a little confusing, since nothing on the screen seems to change. You have to scroll down to find the dialog that pertains to changing the avatar. Might be something to think about when/if we are making any stylistic changes to the user profile screen.

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Is duplicate of CUNY Academic Commons - Feature #3063: Minimize Profile Top Info on Commons Profile PagesResolvedBoone Gorges2014-02-21

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Updated by Matt Gold about 9 years ago

Thanks for reporting this, Scott.

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The page that changes the avatar, members/username/profile/change-avatar/

Should be added to the pages that get the minimized header from #3063

That will solve the visibility issue.

There are some changes to the text of that page I'd like to make. So it's more clear the two options they have (upload or gravatar). I'm going to create a separate ticket for them and push them to 1.7 release. If you think it should be earlier, let me know.

Assigning this to Boone to make the change to minimize the header.

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The minimized header stuff will be addressed in #3063. I'm going to close this ticket as a duplicate of that one.


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