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Forum Post Permissable Content Explanatory Text

Added by Chris Stein about 10 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Currently when you add a group forum post or post reply there is no indication what kind of content you can enter.

This ticket is to discuss what if and how we might indicate to the user what they are allowed to type into forum post content.

Related issues

Related to CUNY Academic Commons - Feature #589: Preview of Forum PostsResolvedBoone Gorges2011-02-17

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Updated by Matt Gold about 10 years ago

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Updated by Chris Stein about 10 years ago

As part of this process we should document what can happen right now. Following is what I understand but my knowledge is not complete and I have not done much testing.

  • URLs are automatically turned into links: must start with http:// or www.
  • img tags work as long as src is absolute path "http://..."
  • h1...h6, and list tags are stripped

Another issue to consider here is that currently all of these posts are emailed out if the user has requested it. Matt brought up in #589 whether informing people of the HTML they are allowed to add will cause problems with that. And that we should also look at this in light of whether anything should change as we move to HTML emails.

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 9 years ago

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Have there been a large number of cases where people have posted types of content that shouldn't have been posted? I'd be curious to know what they were. I'm wondering if we're trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist.

If anyone wants to pick up the thread of this ticket, we can move it into a milestone.

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Updated by Matt Gold about 9 years ago

I think these issues are worth addressing. As we do so, I would urge us to find a solution that doesn't clutter the interface but rather, say, provides guidance on styling through an overlay of some kind.

One complication is the difference between the way the content looks on the web and the way it shows up in an email notification.


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