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Simple Site Visit Counter Plugin for Blogs

Added by Matt Gold almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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Michael requests this. I see we have FireStats enabled, but I have a memory of that plugin not working or causing some problems. Do you share that memory, Boone? And, if so, is there a simple counter plugin we can use so that bloggers can keep track of site visits?

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 13 years ago

I do not want to use Firestats if I can help it. It's very resource intensive.

Ray, do you have any suggestions for something lightweight that we can host locally? I'm not all that familiar with what's out there.

FWIW it's not out of the question that we would work with André to create something custom (we would build the WP front-end). This would be worthwhile because I am wary of the Commons recommending that people use things like Google Analytics.

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Updated by Raymond Hoh almost 13 years ago

Wordpress Hit Counter

It's exactly what the plugin title states! Briefly looked at the code, but apart from the multiple add_option calls (we could probably reduce the DB hits here), it looks like just what the doctor ordered.

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Updated by Michael Carlisle almost 13 years ago

This sounds good to me, nice 'n simple. Unless, of course, you go custom - I think CUNY might want to be able to analyze this kind of info, if already easily readable, Commons-wide (barring privacy issues, etc.).

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Updated by Matt Gold almost 13 years ago

Hi Michael,

We already have site analytics for the entire Commons domain. But we're happy to add this plugin that will give individual bloggers a chance to record their own hits!



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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 13 years ago

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OK. The plugin looks pretty simple. If it's set to do maximum recording, it'll mean another database write on every page load of blogs where it's installed. This has the potential to be taxing, so let's keep an eye on it.

Added in Michael, this will go live on the site during the next minor release of the Commons, probably within the next week.


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