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Added by Laurie Hurson over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Hi All,

I met with a faculty member who runs the Lehman Lab for Social Analysis:

She would like to move the Lehman Lab site onto Commons along with several of the websites for the courses the lab offers, linked below

These 4 sites are on Weebly currently but she would like to move them over to the Commons so they can be further built out and used each semester, in tandem with the courses that will now also run on the Commons.

I have looked online for various methods of exporting Weebly to Wordpress but the exporter that is out there ( does work in this case because the site are all pages, not blogs.

There seems to be another method for moving to WordPress that involves exporting an HTML archive of the site and then uploading HTML archive to Wordpress. However, I do not believe we have a way to upload HTML archives to the Commons (I think this is a security issue).

Moving these sites to the Commons will be a one time thing since, once they are on the Commons she will continue building out the sites in the CAC space.

Any suggestions for how we might export/import these Weebly sites onto Commmons (preferably avoiding a manual copy/paste method, if possible)?



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