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Google Analytics improvements

Added by Colin McDonald 10 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Sara's asked how she can see how often users are clicking on links in the various parts of the public/private new homepage. I'm not sure our Google Analytics (GA) setup is configured for this currently, and I pretty quickly hit my own knowledge and implementation limits on it so wanted to throw it to the dev team here.

If I understand correctly, we need to use the new GA-4 (as opposed to Universal Analytics or UA, see #13511) features to do this. I also believe we'll need to set up Events that recognize clicks in different areas of the page. I took a stab below at outlining the different sections. From here though, I'm a bit out of my depth. I think this is more of a challenge due to the dynamic nature of the link lists -- the URL of the link is actually less important, for these purposes, than if I clicked on it in My Sites or Activity From My Campus or wherever. It may matter that most of these links may not technically be "outbound" by GA's definition because they're still on the domain, but that's unclear to me too.

I'm not sure if we could tie different GA-4 events via CSS class to these sections or something similar, or if we need to append additional CSS or other code to structure this correctly. I also assume we'll be inserting more GA-4 code into the site, whether it makes sense to do that manually or via the Google Tag Manager service seemingly offered for things like this. GA-4 collects general events like all 'clicks' automatically, but nothing more granular without customization:

I'm also not really sure of the best way to track clicks on the more universal parts of the site, like the header (nav) and footer. There used to be a Chrome extension that was half-decent at this, but Google stopped supporting/updating that in 2019.

I think I'll leave it here for now, in the hopes that Boone/Ray/Jeremy have some experience to bear here, or can at least pick up the more technical parts of this thread. Let me know what else I can do to help steer and describe this.

One last thing - Sara would also like to be able to see how often the People page filters are being used, and which aspects are the most popular. I believe we set up something like this in #11760, but I'm not sure if it's still functional or how to find it in our Analytics dashboard.

Distinct Sections to Track Clicks, public homepage:
- Register / Login / Learn More top blade
- Latest News
- Featured Sites
- Active Sites
- Featured Groups
- Active Groups
- Members

Distinct Sections to Track Clicks, private homepage:
- Under-avatar links
- My Sites
- My Groups
- Latest News
- Shortcuts (by URL might be helpful here)
- CUNY-Wide Activity
- Campus Activity
- Featured Groups
- Groups Across CUNY
- Campus Groups
- Featured Sites
- Sites Across CUNY
- Campus Sites
- Members Across CUNY
- Campus Members


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