Bug #4876


New user profile setup bug

Added by Lisa Rhody about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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When creating a new profile, I experienced the following two issues using Firefox on a Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 machine: the "your profile" link does not open a new page because the page is already open underneath; dismissing a notification does not actually dismiss the notification; and changes are not saved to the public profile. Description below.

Upon first login, I was directed to the "Your profile has changed" notification window. The notification window appears on top of the Edit your Profile page. When clicking on the link associated with "Visit your profile" at the bottom, there appeared to be no action, because the page is already open underneath of the notification window, but not visible enough so that the user can see that it's there.

Note: The "Your profile has changed" notification box says the following: "Visit your profile page and click the Edit button there to get started." When you dismiss the "Your profile has changed" window, there is no Edit button on the "Your Profile" editing page... and there are no buttons in green (user expectation here being that a green Edit will appear). There are blue "save changes buttons."

In on the new user profile page, clicking the "change your photo" link redirects the user to the "Your Commons profile now has a required field" notification window. Dismissing this window will allow the user to go back to the edit profile page. This loop occurs endlessly.

However, if the user then changes information in the required profile fields and clicks "Save Changes" the changes appear to save. However, if the user then clicks on "Change Photo," the user is kicked back into the same notification loop ("Your Commons profile now has a required field").

Clicking "Sure! Take me to my Commons Profile now" takes the user back to the profile page where none of the data was actually saved and all completed fields are now blank again. The name returns to the original user id, and all other fields are empty.

It may be of use to note that any changes made in the "About You" field does not register on the characters counter below the field. I can type 5 or 200 characters, but the counter reads 0 out of 350 characters.

Finally, I tried the "save changes" button at the very bottom of the page. That one appeared to work. However, it doesn't look like it did, because when I clicked on another part of the commons, the "Your Commons profile now has a required field" window popped up again.

Please let me know if I can supply additional information!


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