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New account notification email question

Added by Matt Gold over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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An email I received notifying me of the creation of a new CAC account had a different format from what I usually see -- the from line was from LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning

Please see screenshots attached -- of a more typical notification I'd received in the past and this one

Any idea what is going on?


old-typical-notification.png (82.4 KB) old-typical-notification.png Matt Gold, 2016-04-12 03:52 PM
new-LAG-notification.png (36.1 KB) new-LAG-notification.png Matt Gold, 2016-04-12 03:52 PM
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Updated by Boone Gorges over 6 years ago

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Ray, any idea what's up here? I just checked, and WP Better Emails appears to be working fine for BP emails and for emails in general. Maybe Matt's client is looking for plaintext for some reason?

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Updated by Matt Gold over 6 years ago

Any possibility that the change could be related to this recent ticket?

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Updated by Raymond Hoh over 6 years ago

There are two different things happening here.

First one is HTML email not being used for the "New User" email notification.

I'm guessing that a new user was added from the LaGuardia site via:

Can someone confirm if a LG admin did try to add a new user in this manner?

Since WP Better Emails is not activated on the LG site or network-wide, the email would be sent in plain-text.

About the second issue regarding the email's "From" name, BuddyPress 2.5 removed its older WP mail 'From' filter:

This probably affected the email "From" name when used on sub-sites like LaGuardia.

We could bring back the filter:

add_filter( 'wp_mail_from_name', 'bp_core_email_from_name_filter' );

But bp_core_email_from_name_filter() is deprecated.

Update: I'm wrong. We already disable BP's "From" filter on all sites except the root site with cac_mail_from_name_bypass(). See #2152. So BP 2.5's "From" email filter removal doesn't affect us.

However, I actually like that the "From" name displays the site that is initiating the "New User" email. It helps for debugging purposes.

Do we want to do anything here?

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Updated by Matt Gold over 6 years ago

Fine with me to leave as is and I haven't noticed recurrences of this issue.

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 6 years ago

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Gracias, tout le monde.


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