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Connected group site - site does not appear in site list

Added by Laurie Hurson 2 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Hi all,

I have noticed that when faculty make a connected group site, the entity only appears in the "my groups" list and they are confused about why their home page does not also indicate that they have a connected site. I think this is intended behavoir but I also find it really confusing and makes it more difficult for users to find the site.

Moreover, this has presented ongoing issues for me this semester when I have been teaching with the Commons. My students are members of the group/site but only use the site for the class and the group is reserved as an admin space where i use the forum to email students and store readings. Sutdents have been very confused as to why they have to click through the group to get to the site.

Can we revisit this set up where only the group of a connected group-site shows in the logged in home page?


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Hi Laurie,

I'm just looking at the code that renders the "My Sites" block on the homepage and it looks like there is a clause to omit group-connected sites from that block:

I'm guessing we omitted group-connected sites to avoid duplication and maybe because the group should be the entrypoint? Boone or Sara, do you remember why this decision was made?

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Updated by Boone Gorges 2 months ago

Thanks, Ray. Yes, the exclusion was intentional, and IIRC it was for exactly the reasons you mentioned, especially the one about duplication. More explicitly: If the user's three most recently active groups have attached sites, then the My Sites and My Groups list on the home page might list exactly the same items. I can't find any written documentation of this idea, but I'm pretty sure it was discussed at some point.

The team should weigh whether the downsides of Laurie's suggestion (potential confusion due to items being listed twice, less-than-optimal use of space due to a single item taking up multiple slots) is worth the benefits. It's technically easy to remove the exclusion, so it's just a matter of what people think is best.


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